Friday, March 14, 2014

My inspiration , your engine life (Part 2)

Inspiration is to find a reason to fight , when you feel that all was lost .
Inspiration is to find a reason to smile when before sadness and disappointment invaded your soul.
Inspiration is find a reason to get up despite multiple drops that have suffered.
Inspiration is to find a reason to love you even a thousand heartbreaks have been injured .

That is the inspiration , the internal engine that drives your life that gives meaning to every beat of your heart
When you let the inspiration to move your life, your world changes positively, your limits are small and strongly believe that despite all the success possible.

When inspiration fills your life , you start to love it, and most importantly , to convey that love what you do and the results are better , then not care about the material rewards , you realize that the love you feel for what do is reason enough to be better every day .

So when inspiration will you move your life , you become a better person because you develop your abilities to the maximum, the painter when moving inspiration can paint his greatest work , and the writer to compose his greatest poem , he discovers the secret language of all the things around him , and their perception of the world changes.

Inspiration is the force that lifts you , it's the impulse that sometimes need to take flight toward your dreams .
And where do we get the inspiration? We get inside of ourselves, is that divine spark which God gives us at birth for us to make our life something magical, with time and growing sometimes lose that magic , material things bind us to a different world, where we stop listening to the inner voice that guides us.

When you leave aside your dreams and you become an automaton who only walk and breathe in a way that other gives you like doing when you no matter what you do in life you happiness ,